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Ed Dolista and Ian Nash-Gilchrist are the award winning team behind Comic Genius Productions - created in 1993 with the original Robin Hood the Untold Story as Doorstep Production's first major show.


After this success they worked on a number of projects ranging from library school holiday literacy programs to hosting the KUDOS II awards.


However it wasn't until 1996 they produced their first show, Robin Hood 3 - the Third One for the Flood Relief concert held at the Geelong Performing Arts Centre. Following this they branched out into sketch comedy, disco floorshows and children's theme parties. 


CMG’s design arm creates theatrical websites, posters and programs.


They also regularly appear as part of the Captain Jack Pirate show in conjunction with the tall ship Enterprize and the Royal Geelong Yacht Club.

In 2000, they presented all three of the original Robin Hood productions (Robin Hood the Untold Story, Robin Hood 2 - the Sheriff Strikes Back and Robin Hood 3 - the Third One) and the all-new Robin Hood 4 - Flogging a Dead Horse, written especially for "Special Edition” at GPAC receiving both critical and box office success. 


It also marked their international debut, with Robin Hood the Untold Story performed in Berkshire, UK.


Comic Genius Productions' have just announced their first foray into the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with a limited season of Robin Hood: The Untold Story and are also close to finishing their first disco musical, Lucky Stars.


Ed and Ian have appeared in numerous theatrical productions both as leads and as part of creative teams, television series, short films and podcasts.


By day, Ed and Ian are drama teachers for major metropolitan high schools.

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