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Groovyman is back at the 2021 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The show is a family-friendly superhero 'mockbuster' set in the last days of disco as Groovyman, his sidekick The Boy Funkster and ace reporter Bonita De GoGo stop a rogue’s gallery of supervillains including The Hustler, Polly Esther and the Piano Man from destroying FunkyTown - live on stage!

With classic disco sung live, funky costumes and cutting edge special effects (for 1978) where you’ll believe a man can jive!


Featuring an award-winning cast of the regions finest comedic actors including Ian Nash-Gilchrist (Kinky Boots), Ed Dolista (The 39 Steps), Scott Popovic (The Producers), Jenn Stirk (If/Then), Ian Rooney (The Doctor Blake Mysteries), Cassia Webster (The 39 Steps), Nick Addison (The Last Five Years) and Alicia Miller (Kinky Boots).

You can get Early bird tickets for only $26 - but remember this offer is only available till March 1st!


Purchase your tickets here


Show Details: Groovyman

Dates: 5-11 April 2021  

“Achieves the kind of bald-faced absurdity of a good Leslie Nielson/Zucker brothers’ movie.” 

- Illegitimate Theatre  


“Pun-tastic…you get lots of laughs for your buck” – Herald Sun


“Words such as ‘brilliant’ and ‘hilarious’ do not even come close to describing this show - nor for that matter do the words ‘gazebo’ or ‘rastarfarian’” – Shaun Micallef

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